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Maria Mileva

Bild Offenes Fenster

Interpreting Services

I perceive myself as a moderator between different cultures; I build bridges between many nations. With you we go beyond the borders of the language. Your goal becomes mine; your success is also my success.

Field of Expertise:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
    for instance, seminars, congresses, conferences
  • Consecutive interpreting
    for instance, negotiations/round tables, court trails
  • General meetings interpreting
    for instance, working sessions in small groups
  • Interpreting during sittings of the court
    for instance, court trails, court hearings, interrogations, conversations between lawyers and their clients, in the framework of penalty and civic legal cases
  • Official business negotiations
    for instance, trade negotiations, consecutive interpreting, business trips
  • Accompanying interpreting services
    for instance, visits to the notary, to the doctor – in the hospital or at home, accompanying interpreting services to delegations or private persons
  • Whispering interpreting
    for instance, seminars, conferences, negotiations

Language combinations to and from:

Bulgarian – Spanish – English – German

Mother tongue: Bulgarian