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Maria Mileva

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Translation Services

Translation is like painting. The main idea is for the sketch to be carefully drawn, before the composition is completely built. What is to follow is the outlines. They become strengthened. And then the filler with colors adds the final touch. In the end, the work out of the details makes the masterpiece ready. The artist leaves the brush and contemplates at his work.

Fields of expertise:

  1. Certified translation of documents
  2. Economics
  3. Politics
  4. Law
  5. Information Technologies (IT)
  6. Copywriting, advertisement texts
  7. Certificates/personal documents (Birth Certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, criminal conviction certificates, contracts, editing and correcting services)

I offer translation services according to the quality certificates: DIN EN 15038 and ISO 9:1995 / DIN 1460-2: 2011-10.

StempelLanguage combinations to and from:

Bulgarian – Spanish – English – German

Mother tongue: Bulgarian